24 Apps of 2009: Xewton Music Studio

As Xewton Music Studio is on the front cover of Computer Music this month I thought it was only fitting to have it next in my 24 apps of 2009.

Xewton is a great music app. It is like have Garageband in your pocket which is brilliant. As a step sequencer the interface is brilliant. There’s lots of editing options, and in the latest version you even have MIDI import.

Xewton gets better and better. I’d love it to have more instruments and some synthesis options if possible, maybe in 2010. For now, it is definitely in my list of 24 apps for 2009.

Xewton Music Studio at the app store:
Xewton Music Studio

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  1. IF you could use your own WAV files this program would be the closest thing to reason/fruity loops in your pocket. Sunvox is still the winner when it comes to butt-kickin beatmakin on the iphone.

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