24 Apps of 2009: Layers

Although it isn’t a music app Layers is one of my favourite iPhone apps, and has been since I bought it. Layer is great for doodling with and for making interesting textures and art.

Before I go further I should say that I really am no artist at all, so my interest in using art apps has be about what I can achieve with very little talent whatsoever.

I’ve always loved drawing and one of my favourite Palm OS apps was (is) NinerPaint. On my iPhone Layers comes pretty close to using NinerPaint on my T3.

Layers has a good range of brushes and enough controls to be able to do most of what I want. But the thing I love about it the most is the photo import and in the latest version the ability to place a photo in a layer exactly as you want it.

All in a great app.

Layers at the app store:

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