24 Apps of 2009: DopplerPad

DopplerPad is one of my most used iPhone apps. Great for audio doodling, and with the addition of audio copy it is now a very powerful application.

I always go on about interfaces, and I really like the design of DopplerPad, simple, easy to use, easy to configure to get what you want from it.

The next update to this app is going to be huge. With a synth and FX editor it will turn from great to truly amazing. I can’t wait.

Of course today we’ve seen the InstantDrummer update that brings audio copy into that app which means that you can get some really interesting stuff going with DopplerPad and InstantDrummer using FourTrack. Just gets better and better.

I’ve really enjoyed using DopplerPad in 2009 and I’m looking forward to Retronyms taking it further and further in 2010.

DopplerPad at the app store:

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  1. dopplerPad is my favorite app right now as well- for me it's the samplers and the player interface- I can't WAIT until we can edit the synth and FX! I don't really need the audio copy since I use my KP3 (^__^)


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