ioLibrary in danger?

This post at the PatternMusic blog seems to suggest that Apple might be withdrawing support for access to the DCIM backdoor for file exchange.

That would be a very bad thing for ioLibrary which makes use of that route for audio exchange. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Apple did do this, as it does break their rules. However, it will make life very difficult for a number of developers and lots of users who have become very used to using ioLibrary for making music.

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  1. Can one appliation use the clipboard to copy data to another application's file space?

    If so, that seems to me like it might be a great solution to any iffiness surrounding the use of the DCIM folder.

    Maybe something like the following:

    Synth App A records audio, then copies the data into the clipboard. The user presses a button that causes another app (we'll call it “Audio Library”) to copy that audio data from the clipboard to a file in its own file space.

    The user then closes Synth A, and opens Audio Library, where s/he can manage the saved recordings. User selects one, and Audio Library copies it to the clipboard.

    Close Audio Library, open Sequencer B, and paste the audio from the clipboard into a palette where these clips are stored to be used by the app.

    Want to have multiple files available to Sequencer B? Just append the data to the clipboard as one long string, separated by tags that contain file info. The support for AudioCopy in Sequencer B can simply then separate the files as it copies them from the clipboard into the palette.

    Am I dreaming, or would such a thing be possible? 🙂

  2. Apple also decided to take out the double click home button volume function in os 3.0, this has been working since it was launched, and they disabled it, just like that. Now I'm forced to use the shitty slow uneasy side access button.

    Its their platform, they can do whatever they want with it.

    We don't buy Apple products, we only rent them.

    If we accept this, we should suffer the consequences, .. or jailbreak this stupid platform or leave it entirely.

    Its up to us, users.

  3. Amidio had this to say about this post.

    Please do not raise panic. That guy from PatternMusic understood all wrong and started making unnecessary fuss about it. Everything will be fine.

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