FastBasic 1.4 beta

The latest version of FastBasic for Palm includes the following:

  • The GUI-command “DIA” has been added, so people with devices like T5, T|X … can control the Dynamic Input Area
  • In devices like T|X it was not possible before to stop the program (in uncompiled mode) because the “Home” button did not exist. Now you can choose a hardkey to stop the program: you need to go to “Global Preferences” and set it.
  • Some other preferences have been added. For example, you can choose if the commented lines have to be indented or not
  • The command OPEN FORM has been modified in its syntax, but it still works as before (I haven’t had enough time to complete it) This is the only reason why this is a “beta” version.

I’m just glad to see that software like this is being kept going. When I get some time I’ll do a bit more with this, but so far I just haven’t had time to get into it properly.

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