Mixtikl 2 in less than a week

With less than a week to go until Mixtikl V2 from Intermorphic is launched I thought I’d remind you of a few of the tracks that I made with V1 which are on my MySpace page.

Tomorrow I plan to try out RC1 on my Axim and when I do I’ll let you know how it performs.

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Pacemaker is changing tomorrow

Here’s what I got from them:

Tomorrow Pacemaker.net will be down a couple of hours, here is why …

When Pacemaker.net launched a year and a half ago, it was a community where Pacemaker device users could share their mixes. Since then, it has grown into what’s looking more and more like an embryo to a sort of YouTube for music mixes. A place where users listen to or upload, store and share mixes – or use as a platform when embedding mixes on their blogs, MySpace or Facebook pages.

Most of our users today don’t have a Pacemaker. A lot of them use the Pacemaker editor, but more and more are just dj:s or music lovers who want to share their mixes with others and choose to do so on Pacemaker.net because of the functionality the site and the player offers.

This led to a realisation: We were growing out of our costume. So, a couple of months ago, we started building a new web application. The guidelines were simple:

Make the experience of finding and listening to mixes more streamlined.
Create a more intuitive user experience, where the process of uploading, sharing and embedding mixes is smoother.
Allow for users to interact more deeply around mixes – discussing them, tracking their own or other mixes, sharing them quicker and easier.
Simply, we wanted a web app that’s all about mixing music.

To make that point, we’re calling the new site Let’s mix. It will go live in Beta tomorrow. Let’s mix contains all the music, data and functionality that’s currently on Pacemaker, but in a more user friendly environment. And our free mix software, the Editor, is there in an updated version too.

We hope you will help us with feedback in the upcoming months during Beta, and if any inconveniences occur have some extra patience with us during this period.

Going down the web app route is a bold move. I had thought they might go mobile, but perhaps the likes of Touch DJ and Sonorasaurus etc have put them off.

I guess tomorrow we’ll se what they’ve come up with.

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ioLibrary in danger?

This post at the PatternMusic blog seems to suggest that Apple might be withdrawing support for access to the DCIM backdoor for file exchange.

That would be a very bad thing for ioLibrary which makes use of that route for audio exchange. I wouldn’t be too surprised if Apple did do this, as it does break their rules. However, it will make life very difficult for a number of developers and lots of users who have become very used to using ioLibrary for making music.

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Reverb for iPhone

This is a good video showing how Reverb works on the iPhone. Reverb also has ioLibrary support which is useful.

Reverb at the app store:

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If you want a DGOS demo then comment here

If you think a DGOS demo would be a good idea, then post in a comment here. I think a demo would be a brilliant idea, I’d love to see what DGOS actually looks like.

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FastBasic 1.4 beta

The latest version of FastBasic for Palm includes the following:

  • The GUI-command “DIA” has been added, so people with devices like T5, T|X … can control the Dynamic Input Area
  • In devices like T|X it was not possible before to stop the program (in uncompiled mode) because the “Home” button did not exist. Now you can choose a hardkey to stop the program: you need to go to “Global Preferences” and set it.
  • Some other preferences have been added. For example, you can choose if the commented lines have to be indented or not
  • The command OPEN FORM has been modified in its syntax, but it still works as before (I haven’t had enough time to complete it) This is the only reason why this is a “beta” version.

I’m just glad to see that software like this is being kept going. When I get some time I’ll do a bit more with this, but so far I just haven’t had time to get into it properly.

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Happy Birthday CDM, 5 today!

Can’t believe it. Wish I could be there!

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