Playing with Touch DJ

I stayed up much too late last night. The last thing I did was mess about with Touch DJ using a couple of Little Boots tracks. It is such a great app to play with, loads and loads of fun, I just wish I was better at DJ’ing. I guess it might take some practice.

Touch DJ at the app store:
Touch DJ ?

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  1. I swear I did the exact same thing last night! was in bed playing with Touch DJ till 2am. I have tons of experience playing music, but none DJing, was lots of fun nonetheless

  2. Same thing happened to me on Friday arvo. Went and sat in the sun with the dock in my lap and played for a good three hours or so. I'm actually pretty stoked to say I pulled a couple of really nice blends off (and plenty of rubbish ones!). Still, this app can be really frustrating at times…

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