What is Mixtikl? (part 2)

I’ve been try to put into words what Mixtikl is as a music application, or rather how I see it. When I first used Mixtikl V1 from Intermorphic I really enjoyed using it, and that was because I could make something quickly and easily with this application and for me that’s what mobile music is all about.

V1 was a great little app and I used it a lot on my Axim. Now that Intermorphic have not only ported it to the iPhone but updated it too it does a lot more than before, in fact, sharing has become a big part of Mixtikl V2. Mixes can be pasted into emails, webpages and forum posts. Users can also expect another real surprise on launch day.

In V1 I used Mixtikl mainly as a kind of loop mixing app, and it worked very well like that. Now there are lots of apps like this on the iPhone app store at the moment. Most of them will let you mix loops together to make a track. Some will let you bring your own loops in too.

Mixtikl can do both of these, but gives you a lot of control over each loop in terms of volume / pan and assignment to effects. Mixtikl uses a 12×4 matrix of cells, and each cell can contain different content, loops, MIDI, and now generative content as well (more on that later).

Mixing loops is all well and good, but being able to assign effect to a specific set of 4 loops is very useful. Effects processing in Mixtikl can be as easy or difficult as you like really. There are basic effects available or you can create your own FX network. Obviously using a network takes up more resources on the system you are using, but it can give you a degree of flexibility that isn’t present in other application.

Using MIDI is one area I’ve not really delved into a great deal with Mixtikl and is something I should probably do a bit more of at some point.

The best thing (as far as I’m concerned) is the use of generative audio. The generative content included in the app is excellent. It is like having a far more tweakable version of Bloom or one of the other Brian Eno apps.

You can combine generative audio and loops together to make some really nice ambient sounding pieces right there on your iPhone, which is great, and hopefully was demonstrated by the piece I made here. But there is also potential to go much wider than ambient, and some of the included content points to that future. More of that in the next few days.

Obviously the best way to show this app off is to do some video for it, but at present I can’t do that and won’t be able to for another week or two, but when I am able to get back to making some videos I will.

I hope that gives a better explanation of Mixtikl, here’s to seeing it released on the 8th of December.

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Watchlist time again

Well, still hoping to get this lot in by the end of the year. What are the chances?
Stuff I’m hoping for:

  • Mixtikl which has some features that are going to be great fun to use!
  • The next Noise IO update, which I hope won’t take much longer now
  • A new (music) app from Yonac although I did like their beer app
  • A little more on whatever ‘DMD’ is, the next big thing to come from Amidio
  • DopplerPad synth and FX editing
  • FourTrack with snap to bar! That’ll be fantastic when it arrives
  • An update to MultiTrack and I hope that they’ll go for Audio Copy / Past with snap
  • The big update to Jasuto. How about Audio copy in there?
  • Hitchcock video export coming soon to all devices
  • Beatmaker 2.0! (an outside chance I guess)
  • Knowing what Olivier’s new project is. Hopefully in early December
  • A working version of BeatSequencer as the last update still crashes on my 3G
Stuff that’s arrived:
  • Sonorasaurus, has arrived at last!
  • Touch DJ, finally arrived yesterday!
  • FourTrack and DopplerPad integration, and isn’t it great
  • Auteureist (it has, but you still can’t get it, and thanks Apple for billing me for it even though I can’t download it!)
  • Slice which I love
  • RecTools08 has had a good update although no synths or drum machine as yet.

So, is there anything I’ve missed?

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Pattern Music in Times Square

Nice photo.

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ReelMoments: Time lapse for the iPhone

ReelMoments lets you take time-lapse video directly with either iPhone 3G or 3GS. No need to download photo sequence to your computer and no need to edit, just frame and shoot.

  • Set timer and interval
  • Optionally ZOOM in on the subject
  • Tap Start and shoot your own time-lapse films!
  • Share your videos by email or save them to Camera Roll
  • Battery level is monitored and recording is stopped automatically if battery is low to make sure enough juice left to talk

I’ve always like time lapse movies and this app works with both the 3G and the 3GS so it looks like it will be great for making some interesting videos on the go.

ReelMoments at the app store:

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PocketGear Black Friday Sale

PocketGear has a sale on, so it might be a good time if you wanted to get a copy of Aurora or another of the 4Pockets applications.

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ReelDirector 2.0 for iPhone (3GS)

2.0 adds the ability to record and mix soundtracks, add photos with zoom and pan, trim and split clips, and adjust text duration. Now I want a 3GS again.

ReelDirector at the app store:

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TUAW on why Android and webOS need iPod Touch hardware

TUAW posts on why Android and webOS should consider hardware like the iPod Touch. So, is this suggesting we should see the return of the PDA? Well I’d be up for that!

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