Sonorasaurus on 1.0 and beyond

An interesting post over at the Sonorasaurus blog. They talk about some of the design choices they went through when making Sonorasaurus 1.0 and also about some of the features they’re looking at next.

There’s quite a sense of Sonorasaurus features against Touch DJ features. Both apps have different approaches to DJ’ing on the iPhone and I’m sure that the debate over which approach is best will go on and on …

Sonorasaurus at the app store:

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Retronyms Blog on The App Store

You hear lots and lots of bad things about the app store and about Apple. The post at the Retronyms blog gives a different view, and it is really good to hear some balance to the debate.

I know that lots of developers have had serious issues with Apple’s app store, but I’m also guessing that lots of people have had a smooth ride, and those experiences rarely, if ever, get written about.

Anyway, I found this quite an interesting article, I hope you do too.

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DJ Player Blue Edition Intro video

DJ Player Intro video

DJ Player at the app store:
DJ PLAYER Blue Edition

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This is just for fun, but it is fun, so I thought I’d include it because who doesn’t want to sound like Darth Vader?

Voices at the app store:
Voices ~ fun voice morphing!

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MHD Boston pictures

Looks like they had a good time from this lot.

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Xewton Music Studio MIDI Import

I’ve been meaning to try the MIDI import feature on Xewton for a while now, and I finally got a chance to try it yesterday. Once I’d gotten over the fact that you can’t bulk import using their wifi connection I managed to bring in a bunch of old files. The results were really good, the MIDI import was fine and all of the tracks worked just right. However, were Xewton is let down is the number of instruments it has on board. With the current selection in Xewton you just can’t get all the instruments you might need in a given MIDI track. It is a shame, but until Xewton can boast a far larger instrument selection and a synth too I don’t think I can really use it for my MIDI needs.

Xewton Music Studio at the app store:
Xewton Music Studio

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Video from iPDJ Mobile Groove Event

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Thingamagoop 2

Looks like Christmas orders for the Thingamagoop 2 are full now so you’ll have to wait until after the festive season if you were holding out for one.

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Sneak peek at Little-Scale’s next release

More at his blog.

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More chiptunes and circuit bending from Pixelh8

I bet it is fun being at one of his lectures.

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