Touch DJ featured in Engadget

Touch DJ is moving up the UK app charts and has now got featured by Engadget.

Touch DJ ?

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  1. Why on earth did they not include some sort of BPM marker to allow you to match the tempo of the two tracks?
    To do this purely visually as they seem to expect is very hit and miss – and that's even without mentioning the problem of getting the right parts of the songs to match.
    The only way I can imagine this app being useful in a professional setting is if you have two of them working at the same time and cue up one at a time while sending the output through the sound system.
    I bought the app but they have a bit more work to do to make it worth the money.

  2. Wow, some serious hatred in those comments! Slating an app for not being able to overcome hardware or Apple restrictions is a bit barmy though.

    Here's an interesting aside – I downloaded an app today that routed audio to the top speaker, presumably to avoid feedback with the microphone. I guess you can't route different sounds to the different outputs though?

  3. Yeah, the comments seen pretty uninformed. Same thing happens on console/pc game sites when they do a special on an iPhone game. They seem to think were using c64s…

    As for the bpm omission, I agree. I don't mind so much not being able to tell where the track is up to as I know the music I play out pretty well, but it's REALLY hard to mix visually sometimes. Some of the more bass heavy tracks flash so quickly that I suspect they'd trigger a fit in someone susceptible…

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