Update on Olivier’s project

More news about what Olivier’s up to, and I am none the wiser!

Status update:

  • Still waiting for some stuff.
  • While I originally thought I would quickly finish it and dump it on github, I’m fascinated by the direction it is taking, and polishing it and thinking about the “how could people get one?” bit. learning a ton of stuff.
  • I have started a far more ambitious thingy in parallel, using the couple of skills I learned on this project (current stage: evaluating several technical solutions, and thinking…).
  • originally based on open-source stuff it totally outgrew, not relying on it anymore.
  • Will do over the week-end an important redesign of 2 parts of the project, in order to make things leaner and even more “minimalistic”. The game will be to remove as much stuff as possible while keeping things working. And reducing the “Rainer Buchty ratio” of the thing, which for now is super high.
  • 10k lines of google-style C++, 4k of which generated by 1k lines of python, the rest mostly in templates (wtf???).
  • Dumped new sounds in the usual directory.
  • Name of the project: shruti-1.
  • Project does not involve any sample.
  • Small, minimalistic. Lubitel, not D3s.
  • You’re going to hate me for wasting my time doing this 🙂

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DJ Player Blue Edition

We’ve had Touch DJ earlier this week, Sonorasaurus today, and now DJ Player Blue Edition. DJ Player has a lot of effects, but is the most expensive of the three at £14.99.

I’m not going to be able to try this one out for a little while so if anyone does get to use then please let me know what you think.

DJ Player Blue Edition at the app store:
DJ PLAYER Blue Edition

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Free Circuit Bent Library

Free library of circuit bent samples.

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HHH giveaway coming soon

Not sure what HHH will be giving away, but we all like freebies.

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Audio copy / paste video

Some highlights from the video:

  • Audio paste currently only pastes to track 4 for mono and 3 and 4 for stereo. They are working on a new version of audio paste that will allow you to select the track that you paste into
  • When using InstantDrummer and DopplerPad into FourTrack you need to make sure that the tempo is set the same on your imported audio
  • When you select a position in your song that’s where the audio will get pasted to
Useful video.

FourTrack at the app store:
Sonoma Wire Works
DopplerPad at the app store:
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SID Player is now free

SID Player is now available for free on the app store.

Lauer, Teuber GbR

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iSample 2 video

iSample at the app store:
iSample - Sampler / Recorder / Looper

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