AudioView for iPhone

AudioView is a new app from the maker of Reverb and Equalizer AudioView is an audio organizer and analytic tool for mobile music makers and everybody wanting to visualize their music. It displays the wave form and duration of the audio track in list form. Touching the play button drills down to the play screen where the audio is being played. In the play screen the magnitude spectrum is shown together with the wave form. An averaged spectrum (0.5 s) is plotted. After one play cycle the total averaged spectrum is added to the display.

Stereo audio samples can be imported via wifi. Mp3, ma5, wav and aif are supported and are converted to 16 bit wav format.
AudioView fully supports the ioLibrary from Amidio.

Planned updates to the app are to convert files to m4a format, and add soundcloud support.

I can see that this could be really useful with conversion functionality and soundcloud support too.

AudioView at the app store:

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  1. I saw this yesterday when I was searching for more audio copy and paste apps. Looks good maybe, but I don't quite get what they're saying about transfering formats. would be a good integration as well.

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