Mixtikl 2

Lots of questions came up about the Mixtikl track I posted yesterday. That track was made using a few generative parts and a sample loop for the percussion.

It does work in stereo, I just did it in mono by accident.

I’m going to get some more time with Mixtikl 2 this evening and write more about it tomorrow.

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YUDO apps on sale

A bunch of the YUDO apps are on sale today, not sure how long for. Certainly I’d say that the latest version of RecTools08 is worth having now.

Vocoder Synthesizer SV-5
RecTools08 at the app store:
Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder
8BitOne Micro Composer at the app store:

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Win an 8GB iPod Nano with the Auteureist contest

Still no joy with Auteurist being available on the app store sadly, but this very enterprising developer has decided to make a contest out it. Good idea.

You can win an iPod Nano 8gb, which is a really nice prize in my opintion. Details of the contest are here, but you’ll need to buy the app first even though you can’t download it as yet! I guess that’s kind of the point of the whole contest though.

So, get the app then go guess that date!

Auteureist at the app store:

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DopplerPad and RecTools08

I had a bright idea. I decided to take the loops from DopplerPad and export them to my Mac. I then uploaded them into RecTools08 and made this!

I was surprised how much better RecTools08 has got since the last update. It now has an audio pool you can use to store loops and drop them into a track. In this piece I only used 4 of the available 8 tracks in RecTools, but it was very easy to do.


RecTools08 at the app store, and now getting quite useful actually:
Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder
DopplerPad at the app store:
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Adventures with Audio Copy (and paste) Pt 2


Ok, I made a bunch of loops in DopplerPad and then moved them bit by bit to FourTrack. This is the result.

Having worked with this technology now it isn’t bad. One thing that I’ve found limiting is the ability to use more than one track in FourTrack. It seems that you can only write to track 4 in FourTrack when using AudioCopy. I may be missing something here, but it seems that if you want to overdub anything you can’t access a different track to do it in.

If anyone from FourTrack is reading please let me know if I’ve done something stupid here.

FourTrack at the app store:
Sonoma Wire Works
DopplerPad at the app store:
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AudioView for iPhone

AudioView is a new app from the maker of Reverb and Equalizer AudioView is an audio organizer and analytic tool for mobile music makers and everybody wanting to visualize their music. It displays the wave form and duration of the audio track in list form. Touching the play button drills down to the play screen where the audio is being played. In the play screen the magnitude spectrum is shown together with the wave form. An averaged spectrum (0.5 s) is plotted. After one play cycle the total averaged spectrum is added to the display.

Stereo audio samples can be imported via wifi. Mp3, ma5, wav and aif are supported and are converted to 16 bit wav format.
AudioView fully supports the ioLibrary from Amidio.

Planned updates to the app are to convert files to m4a format, and add soundcloud support.

I can see that this could be really useful with conversion functionality and soundcloud support too.

AudioView at the app store:

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Layers 2 walkthrough video


Layers 2.0 Walkthrough from Ben Gotow on Vimeo.

Here’s a good walkthrough of Layers 2.0 with a new smudge tool and much better photo importing.

Layers at the app store:

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