Mixtikl 2: First Track – Prism

I’ve been playing with Mixtikl V2 for a few days now and I love the use of generative audio in the app. Here’s a simple track I made on my iPhone 3G to give you a taste of what can be done.

I’m going to be doing some more stuff with Mixtikl V2 soon and hopefully post more audio and maybe a video if I can squeeze it in.

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  1. That sounds great. I have Mixtikl 1 for mac, and I could never figure out how to make partikl make any sound without first loading a midi file or a noatikl file ( I dont own Naotikl). Is there some way to get Partikl to generate sound without first loading a midi file? Could you maybe write simple step by step on this? You always spoke so highly of Mixtikl, but everytime I use it I get frustrated. I dont know why they didnt include some kind of simple step sequencer module, or a piano roll or a tracker etc…


  2. @Matt Partikl is a sound source which can only be driven by a MIDI file or Noatikl. Mixtikl 2 is easier to use/get results from, and comes with a lot of pre-configured Noatikl-driven Partikl files (“parts”). Desktop MT2 will allow the Partikl settings in those files to be tweaked, but not (yet) in an inline fashion (i.e. not in the mix whilst it is playing). MT2 will be a zero cost upgrade for MT1 owners. We intend to continue extending and adding capabilities into MT2 once launched. hth.


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