Adventures with Audio Copy (and paste)

Well, I’ve had a brief play with FourTrack and DopplerPad, and I can safely say that it works like a treat. So far I’ve only used it in DopplerPad really, but once you’ve selected what you want to copy and paste into FourTrack the process is very simple indeed.

Let’s say I have a drum loop that I want to move from DopplerPad into FourTrack. I get it running on DopplerPad then uses the audio copy feature. That’ll ask me if I want to launch FourTrack, which I do. In FourTrack I can select how many times I want the loop to run, and where I want it to go in the selected track, i.e. at the start or at the end point for the last loop if there is one there.

Very simple and straightforward indeed. In fact, I had to break off from having fun with it to write this! So, now I’m going back to it again.

Of course, this is all going to get even more interesting with DopplerPad’s additional synth features and FX tools. I haven’t tried out the FX in FourTrack, I think I’ll be doing that later on!

FourTrack at the app store:
Sonoma Wire Works
DopplerPad at the app store:
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  1. The FX are fantastic. No need to mess about on the PC now, well, except to convert to MP3.
    I have a few ideas for future editions.


  2. I was wondering how useful the Audio Copy feature would be, since DopplerPad loops are only a measure or so long, but it sounds like Retronyms/Sonoma have really thought this through.

    Have you tried it with Instant Drummer?

    Although Audio Copy is a nice feature, and appears to be well implemented, I'm a little disappointed with this update.

    I really wanted a way to upload tracks onto the device from a laptop via wi-fi, as Multitrack has. That way I can load a song onto the iPhone and record scratch vocals (or additional instruments) anywhere, anytime.

    But they still only support moving audio from the device. Sigh. Looks like I'll have to use Multitrack for now, even though I love the FourtTrack UI.


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