Touch DJ Approved!

At long last Touch DJ is finally released!

Touch DJ ?

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  1. And in the mobile store already = great, finally!

    But the price £11.99. I was really looking forward to giving this a spin (no pun intended), but at that price I will be giving it a miss.

    I'd love to see this be a success, but at that price point, I doubt it.

  2. Excellent news! The video looks awesome too. Obviously price is at a premium (and I'm not sure Amidio saying the price is Apple's fault was a great marketing move) but then it is a premium product and devs should be able to have premium apps!

    I am planning to hold on for a bit to see the other DJ apps that come out, which presumably will be soon if Apple have approved Touch DJ. I can't afford to get them all (if they're at a similar price), so I need to choose the best for my needs.

  3. @Zachary – from Amidio's twitter feed []

    # If the gods ever make touchdj appear on the appstore then it will be at $19,99. We cannot make it cheaper, sorry. 4:11 PM Nov 9th from Twitterrific
    # Seems we will have to rise the price of Touch DJ if it ever goes out, to cover the 2month sales loss. Price suggestions? 10:10 AM Nov 9th from Twitterrific

  4. There really should be more demos on the App Store, I know there are “Lite” versions, but only when the dev takes some time to do it. Apple should let you download time limited version of paid apps to let us try them, they have the technology to remotely delete apps, I don't see why they would not do it. I've been deceived so many times already… (unless that is the point to not offering demos:)

    But you gotta admin iphone apps price are very fair most of the time. Just look at how much they cost elsewhere : Pianofly/Iphone=2.99$, SoundPad/Palm=19.99$, both are pretty much the same thing from the same company. And on PC's it can get really higher, something like Beatmaker could be selling for a few hundred dollars on PC's.

    Anyhoo, I want more demos!!

  5. Hi, thanks for your comments. Touch DJ is indeed a premium app and there will be lots of cheaper apps coming out soo (hopefully). The price was 19.99 from the beginning. At some point, we were considering lowering it a bit, but the 2 month in review thing made it all back.

    Some more regarding the price. You know, yesterday I got this Numark NS7 controller. It's really awesome, cool, big, sturdy, and costs $2000. But… I couldn't get rid of the feeling that with Touch DJ, I enjoyed mixing more… The feeling is totally different, you know. And the app is 100x (one hundred times) cheaper. I'm saying this not to advertise the app, these are just my personal feelings as from a regular user. So, every coin has 2 sides…

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