Another audio exchange technology for iPhone

Looks like we might have a 3rd potential iPhone audio exchange technology on the go. The one is from the maker of Equalizer and Reverb apps for the iPhone:

Audio exchange format between iPhone apps works fine between my apps. Once I got the documentation ready, I will upload it for everybody.

Let’s see where this one goes. My big concern is that with 3 different standards for audio exchange it could be very difficult to exchange audio at all.

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  1. I don't think any of these interchange technologies has any chance of gaining broad acceptance outside of the proprietary domain or its creator's apps until it is both:

    a) compliant with the terms of the Apple iPhone Developer Program License Agreement. Specifically, “3.3.4 An Application may only read data from or write data to an Application's designated container area…”


    b) has a specification or reference implementation published under a permissive open source license such as BSD, MIT or Apache.

  2. Mine will fullfill both requrements. I'll have the specifics ready next week. The problems with the iolibrary are obvious. My solution will be totally within the apple protocol and free to use. On top of it it is very easy to implement and very versatile too.

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