1 comment on “Mixtikl 2 in beta”

Mixtikl 2 in beta

These 2 tweets from the guys at Intermorphic can only be good news

Mixtikl 2 goes large on vector audio. You can paste your mixes into emails & embed , listen to & share them in webpages & in forum posts.

Good news is that we have hit the final Mixtikl 2 beta cycle as of tonight. It includes synth and sample based voices with tons of depth.

Expect some good things on Mixtikl V2 in the coming days.

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2 comments on “Android on a Treo 650 (via PalmInfoCenter)”

Android on a Treo 650 (via PalmInfoCenter)

Not a brilliant video nor too informative either, but I’d be interested to know how it is done, as I’d happily use my old Treo 650 for Android.

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6 comments on “The Problems with Platforms”

The Problems with Platforms

I’ve been checking out Android for a day or so, and there’s some really interesting looking software available like uLoop, and Synthulator. Sure, it is a platform at an early stage, and Android hasn’t taken off like the iPhone OS has, but then it shares some of the same problems as Windows Mobile. That is a disconnect between the device manufacturer(s) and the OS.

Palm used to operate in the same way as Apple do now with their iPhone until they decided to sell off their operating system, and look what happened there.

Anyway, whichever way you go you end up with problems. If you go down the iPhone route there are lots of problems for developers. If you go for Windows Mobile then there are lots of different devices with different screen sizes etc.

Android seems to have similar problems although Droid may change that., and I think that in time, but as I said above, they all have there problems.
Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a device that was build specifically for mobile music, a but like the way open pandora has been built for gaming. A platform where the standards were open and which had been designed with music in mind with an operating system that worked for developers.
A dedicated hardware and OS platform for mobile music would be fantastic but I doubt it will ever happen.

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5 comments on “Another audio exchange technology for iPhone”

Another audio exchange technology for iPhone

Looks like we might have a 3rd potential iPhone audio exchange technology on the go. The one is from the maker of Equalizer and Reverb apps for the iPhone:

Audio exchange format between iPhone apps works fine between my apps. Once I got the documentation ready, I will upload it for everybody.

Let’s see where this one goes. My big concern is that with 3 different standards for audio exchange it could be very difficult to exchange audio at all.

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1 comment on “Home of the DS-10: Track 29”

Home of the DS-10: Track 29

Another new track from Home of the DS-10.

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1 comment on “TonesynthDS progress update”

TonesynthDS progress update

Here’s a progress update on TonesynthDS. All sounding very good to me. Read more here.

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1 comment on “Pattern Music intro”

Pattern Music intro

A short introduction video to PatternMusic.

Pattern Music at the app store:

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1 comment on “Electroplankton in the DSi store”

Electroplankton in the DSi store

Matrixsynth posts on Nintendo making 5 of the Electroplankton available as downloads on the DSi store.

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1 comment on “DS Elvis Contest getting close”

DS Elvis Contest getting close

Looks like it isn’t going to be long to find out about who the winner of the Elvis contest will be. I have to say it is a very odd contest idea, but I’ll still be interested to find out who wins and what the track sounds like.

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