Auditorium music game at the app store

I’m not a big game player, but this one has got my attention from an article at CreativeApplications.Net. The interface is great to look at too, so I’m going to try out the lite version before I have to commit.

Auditorium at the app store:
Auditorium (International)

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  1. It's really a physics game rather than a music game: the gameplay consists simply of trying to solve puzzles to unmute all 5 tracks in a rather basic 64-beat loop that could have been created in one of the myriad beat sequencers (though the annoying stutter on each second repeat reveals it's actually done with audio loops). Entertaining enough in its way, and the Lite version is a level that isn't in the actual game, so you're not shelling out for something you've already partly played. Further levels available to purchase in-game at 59p for 3 or 4 if you do find it triggers your bell patch.

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