Thingamagoop 2 Arduino details

Thingamagoop 2 have posted details of how to connect an Arduino to your Thingamagoop 2.

The Thingamagoop 2 uses Arduino to control the analog VCO as well as the LEDacle. You don’t need an Arduino board to use the Thingamagoop 2, only if you want to reprogram it. The Thingamagoop 2 circuit incorporates an AVR chip that has been programed without the Arduino bootloader. This allows the device to start up immediately but you’ll have to switch out the chip for one with the bootloader if you want to reprogram it.

The programmer cable is a stereo 1/8″ cable with a ferrite noise suppressor and 3 pins on the other end that go into the Arduino headers. Not only can you directly program the Thingamgoop 2, you can communicate with it. Who will be the first to get processing to use the photocell as a variable!? Or build a midi i/o!?

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