Formal on BeatSequencer issues

For those who have experienced problems using BeatSequencer, formal has left this comment:

Stay patient guys, the Dev is working hard at getting the issues ironed out. He’s been out in Europe finishing up some studio work and he’s on his way back to the States to get down and dirty with Beatsequencer. Things woulda been done much quicker but his macbook broke while he was away from home. I just wanted to give an update to all those looking forward to this app.

I hope that things do improve with this app as it has been a big disappointment to date. If the issues can be resolved and it lives up to all that’s been promised from it then it will be a really great app to work with.

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  1. Maybe try and email the dev to see what's going on with the app. I'm not sure if it is too late, but you could always make an itunes claim to get a refund for appstore credit.

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