Remembering Mixtikl 1

Thinking about the launch of Mixtikl V2 in just a few weeks I remembered getting my hands on a beta of Mixtikl V1 back in December of last year. Reading that post again made me realise that Mixtikl is more than just a single application and more like a suite of apps all working together at the same time.

I’m hoping that this approach doesn’t cause issues with Apple’s approval process in the same way as other apps have experienced.

I’m still planning on doing a post on what Mixtikl is really about and what it does as it doesn’t really fit into a single category. More soon.

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  1. Try this: it's a cross-platform, multi-format live-mixing audio content masher. It contains a powerful DLS/modular synth and FX engine called Partikl. And a very deep generative music engine – Noatikl (with all those years of Koan heritage behind it). You can think of it maybe as an ultra-focused Ableton live but very mobile-centric, with a really, really powerful generative engine; all set-up for easy live mobile use even on windows mobile. Fun. Can't wait for iPod! 🙂

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