First thoughts on Aurora

It has been a little while since Aurora for windows mobile was released from 4Pockets, so I thought I’d give some thoughts on it today.

To start with the interface and graphics on screen are good and the application has low latency when playing. Aurora’s Monome type interface is great for non musicians and musicians alike, and the note value does appear briefly on a piano keyboard.

i can’t seem to change the length of individual notes, but this might just be me as I haven’t had enough time to figure out the whole app as yet.

I like the kaossilator like scale function, I think that was a good addition to this application, as are machine gun, atomizer, random and xy pad qhich are all good and fun to use.

Aurora’s synth engine seems reminds me a lot of 4pocket’s audiobox micro composer software, and allows for plenty of creativity. The on board sounds are very good. The VCF has its own ADSR but could do with a level control so that smaller / larger filter envelopes can be applied, and with the pad synth you have to wait for harmonics to be “recalculated” when changes are made (also like audiobox).

Overall Aurora is great fun and allows for quick creation of mobile music, which is what it is all about after all.

I’m going to spend some more time with Aurora soon and write a bit more about it soon.

If you’ve tried out Aurora and have comments then please let me know.

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