1 comment on “Thingamagoop 2 controls Moog Prodigy”

Thingamagoop 2 controls Moog Prodigy


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2 comments on “Remembering Mixtikl 1”

Remembering Mixtikl 1

Thinking about the launch of Mixtikl V2 in just a few weeks I remembered getting my hands on a beta of Mixtikl V1 back in December of last year. Reading that post again made me realise that Mixtikl is more than just a single application and more like a suite of apps all working together at the same time.

I’m hoping that this approach doesn’t cause issues with Apple’s approval process in the same way as other apps have experienced.

I’m still planning on doing a post on what Mixtikl is really about and what it does as it doesn’t really fit into a single category. More soon.

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4 comments on “No Berna for your iPhone”

No Berna for your iPhone

I got in touch with the creator about the possibility of an iPhone version of Berna. Here’s the reply:

Berna is written in Max/MSP language. C74 is not planning for the moment to create a runtime version for the iPhone,
so I can’t compile a version of berna for such hardware. I’m so sorry.
But really, if I could, I would really do it…

It is a shame, but understandable. So you’ll just have to enjoy all the great stuff you can do with Berna on your desktop.

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2 comments on “First thoughts on Aurora”

First thoughts on Aurora

It has been a little while since Aurora for windows mobile was released from 4Pockets, so I thought I’d give some thoughts on it today.

To start with the interface and graphics on screen are good and the application has low latency when playing. Aurora’s Monome type interface is great for non musicians and musicians alike, and the note value does appear briefly on a piano keyboard.

i can’t seem to change the length of individual notes, but this might just be me as I haven’t had enough time to figure out the whole app as yet.

I like the kaossilator like scale function, I think that was a good addition to this application, as are machine gun, atomizer, random and xy pad qhich are all good and fun to use.

Aurora’s synth engine seems reminds me a lot of 4pocket’s audiobox micro composer software, and allows for plenty of creativity. The on board sounds are very good. The VCF has its own ADSR but could do with a level control so that smaller / larger filter envelopes can be applied, and with the pad synth you have to wait for harmonics to be “recalculated” when changes are made (also like audiobox).

Overall Aurora is great fun and allows for quick creation of mobile music, which is what it is all about after all.

I’m going to spend some more time with Aurora soon and write a bit more about it soon.

If you’ve tried out Aurora and have comments then please let me know.

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5 comments on “Looptastic Gold is now free”

Looptastic Gold is now free

Looptastic Gold is now free at the app store but only for a limited time, so get it while you can, if you want to that is.

Looptastic Gold at the app store:
Looptastic Gold

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3 comments on “Apple starts to lift veil on approval process”

Apple starts to lift veil on approval process

AppleInsider posts on Apple starting to lift the veil on the approval process for developers. Whilst on the one hand I can see that this is a good thing, it still doesn’t explain why some apps like Touch DJ stay in Approval for almost 8 weeks with no explanation whatsoever.

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1 comment on “Reverb for iPhone”

Reverb for iPhone

I posted about this app a while back. Reverb has arrived and also has support for ioLibrary from Amidio. This app let’s you take you audio file and apply complex reverb settings to it.

Reverb at the app store:

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2 comments on “Watchlist update”

Watchlist update

A bit of an update to my watchlist / wishlist. Did I miss anything? Is there anything you’re waiting for or hoping for soon?
Stuff I’m hoping for:

  • Touch DJ, I find it unbelievable that Apple can take this long, it has got to be over 8 weeks now in review!
  • Mixtikl 2 on Windows Mobile 8th December and iPhone (when Apple approve it)
  • Sonorasaurus, more than 8 weeks at the time of writing?
  • The next Noise IO update, is it 24 days in review now?
  • A new (music) app from Yonac
  • A little more on the next big thing to come from Amidio (I just hope they stay with the iPhone platform)
  • DopplerPad synth editing
  • FourTrack and DopplerPad integration, we’ve been waiting for this for a long time too
  • An update to MultiTrack
  • The big update to Jasuto
  • Hitchcock video export coming soon to all devices
  • Beatmaker 2.0! (an outside chance I guess)
  • Knowing what Olivier’s new project is. Hopefully in early December
  • A working version of BeatSequencer as the last update still crashes on my 3G
Stuff that’s arrived:
  • Auteureist (it has, but you still can’t get it, and thanks Apple for billing me for it even though I can’t download it!)
  • Slice
  • RecTools08 has had a good update although no synths or drum machine as yet.

Of course, I’d love to see loads of other new music making software and hardware before the end of the year too, but if I could get even the majority of the above it it would be great.

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1 comment on “Auteureist update”

Auteureist update

The Aiuteureist blog has a post on the current status of the app with Apple and what is coming up next for Auteureist. It’ll be good to get hold of this app finally when Apple fix the problems with it.

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1 comment on “NLog patches to download”

NLog patches to download

I must have missed these NLog patches. Get ’em free at the NLog site.

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