BeatSequencer update

The update has arrived and here’s what’s in it:

  • Pads show file names
  • Mixer level display
  • Improved copy sequence
  • Demo Song added
  • Improved Memory issues
  • Pads light up when pressed
  • Fixed saving a zip file from the web.
  • To save a file, copy and paste the location in a text box.
  • Fixed Loading zip files.
I’m really hoping that this is going to fix the problems that I’ve had with this app to date. I’ve you’ve tried out the update please let me know how you’ve got on.

BeatSequencer at the app store:
BeatSequencer BoomBap by Insight

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  1. I waited to buy the app until after the update, hoping that the very well known issues would be fixed. While it only crashed once on me, loading zips has proven futile. Most times the download screen in the app doesn't appear and when the zip is downloaded it can't opened. The developer was prompt and cordial in trying to help, but in the end I was given 2 promo codes for the same app.
    He must realize if I own the app I can download again and again without promo codes.

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