Touch DJ Screenshot

Let’s just hope it gets out soon so we can actually see it and play with it for real.

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  1. I think it sucks that they are passing the cost of the delay on to us. As much as I want it (and can afford it) I am staying away on principle until the price comes down.

  2. Didn't know they were doing it. I've requested a beta copy cos I was planning to use it for a house party where space is limited, but I'm still going to pay full price for it for updates etc. I've been really impressed by what I've seen in their videos. Sane thing happened with hexatone, sure there's bugs that make it unuseable for me but I don't mind cos it's so far from left field it hit me from the right and things like that always have bugs. I dunno, it kinda sucks bit apples put them in an impossible position and this isnone developer I don't mind slinging a bit of extra cash to…

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