Mixtikl 2 examples

Intermorphic have posted some examples of Mixtikl V2. Here’s what they say:

We have now posted the first examples of music created by Mixtikl 2, live, on 3rd gen iPod touch. Mixtikl will play fine on 1st or 2nd gen, but these were recorded on a 3rd gen device.

They are all generative, meaning that they are generated live by the Noatikl generative music engine in Noatikl. They are also mixes created from some of the Tiklpaks (generative content “parts” and audio loops) that come with Mixtikl 2.

One of the mixes (Evensong Looper) also incorporates a couple of audio loops with EQ and filter applied.

We are looking forward to hearing your mixes, too, and we will do more example mixes in the run up to Mixtikl 2 launch.

These sound great. A big step from Mixtikl V1. Looking forward to 8th December.

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  1. I still don't quite understand what this application does. Is it a remix app, or does it have synths/etc with the ability to program anything you so desire?

  2. Nate, I think I'll do a post on what Mixtikl is as I've been asked this before.

    Special One, Mixtikl isn't available in any store as yet. It will launch on the 8th of December, and on iPhone as and when Apple approve it.

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