Mixtikl 2 will arrive almost 1 year from V1

As it turns out, miniMIXA was released is December of 2004. Amazing to think that this application has been going for almost 5 years. There aren’t many mobile music apps that have been in active development over that length of time.

Mixtikl V1 was released just before Christmas last year, and V2 will see the light of day on the 8th of December. Of course there’s no way of knowing when the iPhone version will be released as that is entirely up to Apple.

But looking back at last December here’s the post I wrote when Mixtikl first arrived.

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  1. Scary to think how long we've been working on this!

    Mixtikl started as miniMIXA, which was a skunk-works project Tim and I created while at Tao Group. The first year of that led to a great product for Windows Mobile; the 2nd year had us focusing on advanced FX editing (real-time FX networks and pop-up editors etc.). The 3rd year was primarily creating a really powerful real-time video editor mode (with transitioning engine etc.), which never quite got released before Tao Group folded. 🙂

    We spend the first year after Tao, founding Intermorphic and creating both the Liptikl lyric generator, and the Noatikl music engine.

    Once we'd finally got our hands on the miniMIXA source code again some time after the demise of Tao, it took a great deal of work to make Mixtikl 1, which was a monster port away from the Tao intent platform to Win, Mac and Windows Mobile; including VST/AU variants based on what we'd learned from creating Noatikl. We also cut-out the video editor mode (… for now!), and have focused hard on the music side of Mixtikl.

    Mixtikl 2 has taken us another year on from that point, and has been a staggering amount of work… but we love what we've done with it..!

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