Bug in the Bleep

There’s a bug in Bleep!Box, but never fear, there is a fix on the way.

Nanolo was kind enough to send me a bug report for a reproduceable bug. The bug can cause the app to lock up when pressing the ‘init part’ button and using the new Song mode. The cause for the crash is due to the fact that the ‘init’ patches are missing for all 4 part types. I had these patches on my device, but failed to include them in the distribution, so the bug slipped by. Users can actually fix this bug themselves without waiting for the next release – just load up the ‘init’ pattern and then go to each of the 4 part types (BD, Snare, Synth, Cymbal) and save a part patch called ‘init’ for each. If anyone else has any issues, please send them to contact@bleepboxapp.com

BleepBox at the app store:

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  1. Wow, if that's true and devs start to leave the iPhone that would be terrible, absolutely terrible.

    Why would Apple behave like this? Why create a platform and then make it really difficult for devs to get high quality apps on to it.

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