1 comment on “Moonbuz on the Orange Tenori-on”

Moonbuz on the Orange Tenori-on

Moonbuz on the Tenori-on Orange. I love this picture although I can’t understand any of it.

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1 comment on “Not long to wait for Olivier’s project”

Not long to wait for Olivier’s project

We’ve only gotta wait until December but I don’t think it is going to be something we can all access from this thread:

Got it, it has a few defects I’ve fixed, waiting for some more stuff (~20 days), and I could probably have something decent to show by december.

The present stage of the project is mostly about minor polishing – the design and implementation is stable, I’ve played with the thing for hours and everything worked as I want, with a few things sounding/reacting much better than I would have thought. While I had absolutely no clue about what I was doing in the beginning, I’m now confident I’ve done it quite right. I don’t want to boast myself but I think it totally kicks the ass of some of the other products/projects in the same “league”.

I had a look at the Palm Sound blog and found interesting the posts and comments related to this project, and the overall direction mobile app development (especially on the iPhone) is taking. My impression is that this project was indeed about going in the totally opposite direction — and as a result most of your expectations won’t be met. The sound samples are still there to prove you that the beast is still capable of a few things 🙂

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1 comment on “Korg DS-10 Track 28”

Korg DS-10 Track 28

DS-10 Track 28 from Home of the DS-10.

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1 comment on “And another RJDJ scene”

And another RJDJ scene

Can’t stop him now. Here’s another scene from Michael.

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1 comment on “Layers 2 on the way”

Layers 2 on the way

Art on the iPhone may not be your thing, but if it is then Layers is worth checking out. The next version will have a smudge tool which is something I’ve been waiting for in this app to make it like my old fav NinerPaint.

Layers at the app store:

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1 comment on “Another RJDJ scene from Michael Nervous”

Another RJDJ scene from Michael Nervous

Having made a first scene for RJDJ, here’s another. Fe’s on a roll now.

If you’ve made scenes for RJDJ let me know and I’ll feature them on Palm Sounds.

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2 comments on “Bug in the Bleep”

Bug in the Bleep

There’s a bug in Bleep!Box, but never fear, there is a fix on the way.

Nanolo was kind enough to send me a bug report for a reproduceable bug. The bug can cause the app to lock up when pressing the ‘init part’ button and using the new Song mode. The cause for the crash is due to the fact that the ‘init’ patches are missing for all 4 part types. I had these patches on my device, but failed to include them in the distribution, so the bug slipped by. Users can actually fix this bug themselves without waiting for the next release – just load up the ‘init’ pattern and then go to each of the 4 part types (BD, Snare, Synth, Cymbal) and save a part patch called ‘init’ for each. If anyone else has any issues, please send them to contact@bleepboxapp.com

BleepBox at the app store:

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1 comment on “BeatSequencer update coming 15th November?”

BeatSequencer update coming 15th November?

Sounds like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for BeatSequencer according to this forum post. If you remember this app promised a huge amount, but lots of people had big problems with it. Hopefully the update will make it as useful as I’d hoped it could be.

As and when I know more I’ll post details.

BeatSequencer at the app store:
BeatSequencer BoomBap by Insight

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1 comment on “Mixtikl 2 will arrive almost 1 year from V1”

Mixtikl 2 will arrive almost 1 year from V1

As it turns out, miniMIXA was released is December of 2004. Amazing to think that this application has been going for almost 5 years. There aren’t many mobile music apps that have been in active development over that length of time.

Mixtikl V1 was released just before Christmas last year, and V2 will see the light of day on the 8th of December. Of course there’s no way of knowing when the iPhone version will be released as that is entirely up to Apple.

But looking back at last December here’s the post I wrote when Mixtikl first arrived.

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1 comment on “iSensorii (via CreativeApplications)”

iSensorii (via CreativeApplications)

Interesting use of an iPhone as an installation controller, via CreativeApplications.

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