Time for another top 10 iPhone apps …

This time it is from GiuseppeL. Here’s his Top Ten Music Apps:

1. FourTrack
I use this daily, it’s a fantastic application and was my introduction to the possibilities of mobile hardware for musical purposes. Great for laying down ‘demos’ but there is no real limit on what you can do with it. It’s only downfall is the stability issues that seemed to come with the last update, it crashes a lot more (I suspect these are memory issues, a 3GS would fix this..)

2. Cleartune
A great, accurate and fast tuner application. I have used this to set up for live performances and it hasn’t failed me. It has support for alternate tuning and some technical stuff that I do not understand.
Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner

3. Xewton Music Studio
Great app, good for getting down ideas. Imagine Garageband scaled down and with a virtual touch keyboard and you’ve got Xewton. I’d like the ability to lay vocals down and more instruments or the ability to tweak the ones we have.
Xewton Music Studio

4. iGOG
DigiDrummer previously had this slot but iGOG’s multi-sampled pads are far better. DigiDrummer has more kits though.
iGOG: Massive Drums

5. Piano Studio
Useful for putting down a song structure on pads to work through without hastle.

6. Virtuoso Piano
Best sounding piano app by far but I am still awaiting the ability to scroll the keyboard rather than jumping octaves or using a dual keyboard setup. The developer said it would come but it never did.
Virtuoso Piano

7. Tab Toolkit
Does what it says on the tin and does it WELL.

8. EveryDay Looper
Another new addition, Great little app. I am already using it lots.
Everyday Looper

9. Toro Mini
Lots of sounds, took NLog’s spot (I still love nlog but the stock sounds here feel more usable.. and it’s new!)
TORO mini: Digital Synthesizer

10. Colors!
This is not a music app but I use many times a day and I reakon it needs more exposure. Here’s a shameless plug to my latest drawing.

Thanks, Giuseppe.

I really loved the drawing, especially the playback on that page! I’m going to have to check out that app myself now.

If you’d like to see your top ten on Palm Sounds, just email me at the usual address.

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