Looking back: miniMIXA and Mixtikl

With the launch of Mixtikl V2 in just over a month I thought I’d take some time each day to look back at where this app has come from and how it has changed over time.

I can’t be sure when I first got hold of it, but I think it was around summer of 2006 from this post. miniMIXA was featured at the Mobile Music Workshop that year and is the MMW Catalogue too.

Mobile music making has come a long way since 2006 and the whole world of mobile devices has changed immensely. There aren’t many applications that are still in active development over that length of time, but Mixtikl (miniMIXA) is one of the few.

In the run up to the launch I’ll be looking back at how the app has changed and moved forward so it’ll be interesting to see how V2 builds on the long history of this application.

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  1. Cool! miniMIXA v1 was released in Dec 2004 from what I recall, when mobile phones were not quite as capable as those of today… There is a ton more power to play with and utilise now with the likes of iPhone etc., meaning that things that were impossible then, are now possible. Exciting times for mobile music making. 🙂

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