Watchlist update

I posted my list of things I’d like to see before the end of 2009 a while back, and as a couple have arrived I thought maybe I’d do a weekly review of it to see how we’re doing. So I’m splitting the list in two. The first part being stuff I’m waiting for, and the second, stuff that’s arrived. Here we go:

Stuff I’m hoping for:

Stuff that’s arrived:

Of course, I’d love to see loads of other new music making software and hardware before the end of the year too, but if I could get even the majority of the above it it would be great.

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  1. Olivier's project too?

    you mentioned that you didn't think we could play with it ourselves – but he did mention it would be open source, so i think we will be able to….might have to do some building ourselves though if it is hardware!

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