Bleep!Box and the user interface

I was using Bleep!Box today and really enjoying it, but having used Bhajis Loops just before I started to think about interface design for sequencing.

Bhajis has a great user interface with a traditional piano roll, but in many ways I don’t think that this works on a multi-touch device for a variety of reasons.

So, what’s the answer? The solution in Bleep!Box is ok but not perfect. I can use the sequencer in Bleep!Box but a piano roll is much better althought it wouldn’t work in Bleep!Box.

So where next? What is the ideal note entry solution for the iPhone and multi-touch devices in general?

If I can think of it I’ll let you know!

Bleepbox at the app store:

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  1. i have been going through a conundrum lately because of all these apps available. i looked into getting an ipod, but at $200 (Canadian), i could just as easily get an iPhone with my cell provider for probably less money.

    Then it gets even more complicated cause once i do that i'm in for a lot more costs in the longterm when you factor in data plan and that sort of thing.

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