Bhajis in the air …

I was on a plane today and used the few hours to make lots of music. Of course using my old T3 means I can only make Bhajis music for about an hour and a half before it needs a recharge, but even that amount of time is worth spending with Bhajis Loops.

Every time I use Bhajis I realise that it is still my favourite music making software, and I think it is going to be difficult to find something better.

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  1. I've never used bhajis, but it was the first app that made me look seriously at mobile music making. At the time I was looking into Bhajis, the ipod touch/iphone had come out and I picked up an itouch instead. If good palm devices weren't still expensive on the used market I'd consider picking one up. I just refuse to spend more then $75 on a five year old PDA.

  2. Nice work Ashley, where were you flying to?
    IMO Bhajis is not only my favourite mobile music application, but the one of the best DAWs going around. The layout, the interface, it's just brilliant. Olivier has designed a system which is relatively open to experimentation and doing things different ways. The amount of features available is just ridiculous! Effects, automation, slicing via Offset, Live! Mode, X/Y, drum programming, melodies, all in your pocket! I've clocked up at least on hour on Bhajis every day since I've bought it. I have the TX and bought a T3 as well for backup! I definitely need the battery upgrade for the T3 though, I'd be lucky to get an hour out of it. As second-hand Palms come down in price, I hope to see the Bhais community grow a bit more, still disappointed at the lack of action at the Garden 🙁 Though it seems the target demographic will probably be more interested in the iPhone apps, and fair enough considering Palm is looking like a dead platform…

  3. Got a T3 just for Bhajis… Still kicks ass, like an atari st with an akai s3000 sampler…. But with a touchscreen and in the palm of your hand!

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