5 comments on “Bleep!Box and the user interface”

Bleep!Box and the user interface

I was using Bleep!Box today and really enjoying it, but having used Bhajis Loops just before I started to think about interface design for sequencing.

Bhajis has a great user interface with a traditional piano roll, but in many ways I don’t think that this works on a multi-touch device for a variety of reasons.

So, what’s the answer? The solution in Bleep!Box is ok but not perfect. I can use the sequencer in Bleep!Box but a piano roll is much better althought it wouldn’t work in Bleep!Box.

So where next? What is the ideal note entry solution for the iPhone and multi-touch devices in general?

If I can think of it I’ll let you know!

Bleepbox at the app store:

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2 comments on “Teenage Engineering: OP-1 News (again)”

Teenage Engineering: OP-1 News (again)

Another demo from OP-1

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6 comments on “Bhajis in the air …”

Bhajis in the air …

I was on a plane today and used the few hours to make lots of music. Of course using my old T3 means I can only make Bhajis music for about an hour and a half before it needs a recharge, but even that amount of time is worth spending with Bhajis Loops.

Every time I use Bhajis I realise that it is still my favourite music making software, and I think it is going to be difficult to find something better.

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2 comments on “What is FLYPT?”

What is FLYPT?

I read this piece on FLYPT, and it sounds interesting in a way, but in the same way as Zoozbeat, maybe not entirely aimed at more serious mobile musicians, more like casual music makers.

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1 comment on “Arduino synth code released”

Arduino synth code released

If you’re into Arduino synths then take a look at the code here released under GPL V3.

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1 comment on “A Pixelh8 date for your diary”

A Pixelh8 date for your diary

A Pixelh8 workshop and talk next year in Feb, and the V&A is a great venue too. Details at Pixelh8’s site.

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4 comments on “Brian is teasing us”

Brian is teasing us

Brian Whitman has just posted to his blog, or rather he did yesterday. In the post he includes a permalink to a post on Pushpin, music software for the Gameboy, and in that post it mentions the elusive Capers.

If you’re wondering what on earth I am on about, don’t worry. I’ve been asking Brian Whitman about releasing Capers for a long time now.

Capers was a replacement operating system for the Palm PDA. Some beta applications were released, but never the entire OS.

When Brian released Pushpin I thought that there was a real chance he might finish Capers because of this comment:

On the tray table was my trusty Palm VII, the same one that supported earlier developments as Egg Timer, Hedgehog (and baby Hedgehog), Tractor Pull and the nascent Capers API (more on these later)

Sadly, nothing has happened at all.

I guess the idea of a whole music related OS has appealed to me a lot, but I doubt somehow it will ever see the light of day.

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2 comments on “Moo Cow Piano update, but …”

Moo Cow Piano update, but …

Moo Cow’s piano app has just been updated and now has improved latency. Nice. However, it made me remember this comment that came from Moo Cow about what they were going to do next.

Hey guys!

Yeah, I have been quiet recently, but that’s only because I’ve been working on a music app to take things to the next level. 🙂

As you may know, I wrote pretty much the first commercial touchscreen piano app, and now there are about 70 on the iPhone alone (not including the very many “Cat Pianos” and “Fart Pianos”). And now there are hundreds of “play and record instrument X” apps out there. I never even bothered porting my March 2008 app “Drummer” due to the huge number of Drummer clones, and I get asked for that every week.

Hence taking things to ‘the next level’, which I can’t say too much about but it’s going to be one of the most compex apps out there, aimed more at musicians than Band was with a whole load of cool features, and hence has had a development time of an almost unheard of (by iPhone standards) six months, and still has some to go.

I can’t talk details or deadlines, but if you’re interested in seeing the result then keep an occassional eye out on my website.

Thanks for your nice comments anyway!

It has been a while now as that was back in August. I’d really like to know what ‘taking it to the next level means‘.

You can find MooCowMusic apps at the app store:

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1 comment on “Another reminder …”

Another reminder …

Just a quick note. If you read Palm Sounds and find it useful then please link to the blog if you can from your site or blog etc. I know lots of readers do and I really appreciate it, but any more are always welcome.


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1 comment on “Bloom update”

Bloom update

At long last the Bloom update has arrived.. The update includes:

  • a sleep timer,
  • stereo panning,
  • two additional sounds,
  • three new moods,
  • two new operation modes

Bloom at the app store:

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