This should be on my iPhone …

Introducing Berna vintage electronic studio from Tobor Experiment on Vimeo.

Someone make this for the iPhone please!!!!

(I’m going to buy this on Monday and put on my old lab coat too!).

Ever wondered what was like making electronic music in the late 1950s? Berna: a vintage electronic studio simulation. Release date: Monday November 2nd 2009. Price 10.69€

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BeatBots is now free

I posted about this ages ago, but now this app is free I thought I’d let you all know in case you wanted to download it.

Beat bots at the app store:
Beat Bots

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Everyday Looper review at Nanolo

A really good review here of Everyday looper from the Nanolo site.

Everyday Looper at the app store:
Everyday Looper

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Sonorasaurus update

This post from Sonorasaurus gives a quick update on the state of the app.

I am amazed to learn that it has been with Apple for 7 weeks now. Whilst I say I am amazed, I’m not actually surprised as Touch DJ has been in for a similar length of time. I can’t understand why Apple does this. Sooner or later they are going to annoy developers to the extent that they start to look at alternate platforms, and that’s good for no one.

As for Sonorasaurus, I can’t wait to see this app in the flesh. I think it will be brilliant.

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More DopplerPad news

More DopplerPad news from the Retronyms email newsletter:

We’ve got more exciting features in the works for DopplerPad’s next update: a patch editor and an expression editor. The patch editor will allow you to tweak the parameters of existing instruments and even create new ones, and the expression editor will let you apply effects like a delay, filter, distortion, etc. to instruments.

Sounds great alongside the audio copy and audio paste features coming with FourTrack.

I think that when all this stuff is available it will make the DopplerPad / FourTrack combo really impressive and useful. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for anyway.

DopplerPad at the app store:

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CDM on TonesynthDS

As ever CDM has interesting comments on homebrew DS software, and the TonesynthDS is no exception.

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Bleep!Box update, the long wait is over

The long wait is over. Song mode has arrived in Bleep!Box. A great app indeed. Plus, WAV export and more. Off to play soon.

Bleepbox at the app store:

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