Creative Applications on Daisyphone

I remember when this app came out I thought it would be really interesting, but I never got the hang of it at all.

Shame really as it sounds really interesting according to this article at Creative Applications.

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TonesynthDS 0.22 Ring Mod Demo

More demo’s of Tonesynth.

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More about Android

Having got a couple more sites to try out thanks to reader’s comments I was glad to find that there are a few music apps out there for the Android platform.

A brief trawl of these apps tells me that the market isn’t as sophisticated as it is for the iPhone at the moment, but nevertheless, it is growing with a significant number of drum apps appearing together with a few sequencers and synths.

So, perhaps the Android marketplace is worth the journey after all?

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Children Programme a DS-10

Interesting story via Matrixsynth. I don’t know where the workshop took place but I think it is a great way to get children interested in making music.

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More sounds from Olivier’s secret project

Still no idea about what it is, but here are some great sounds of whatever it is.

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