Martin’s top 10 iPhone apps

Another iPhone top 10 apps, today from Martin, and in reverse order:

10. iShred
(almost exactly unlike playing a guitar)
iShred: Guitar + Effects

9. RecTools8
(great waveform display and editing, but not as stable as FourTrack)
Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder

8. Hexatone
(great random features: both sequencing and loading random samples)
JR Hexatone? Pro

7. DopplerPad
(fast… in fact sometimes too fast, needs an undo latest recorded)

6. Jasuto
(the future of modular software, want this table sized… like ReacTable)
Jasuto modular synthesizer

5. NLogSynth
(the sound!)
NLog Synthesizer

4. iSample
(simple sampling, very quick and responsive)
iSample - Sampler / Recorder / Looper

3. Oblique Strategies
(yes, I have no creative inspiration, I think from The Box)

2. Voice Memo
(used to grab ideas – in public it just looks like I’m humming to myself while waiting for a call to connect)

1. ClearTune
(may switch to Peterson iStrobeSoft tuner soon, but hey, if it’s broke don’t fix it… or something like that)
Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner

Honorable mentions – Tapestri and Curtis…. granular goodness in a jiffy

Interesting set Martin. There’ll be another top 10 again soon, if you want to send yours in then just use the standard email address.

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Android OS Music apps

It turns out that you can only look at the Android market place using an Android device, which is a bit of a shame if all you want to do is have a poke around and find out what’s going on.

So instead I looked around and found a variety of links to Android music apps. This one, although a bit old has quite a few apps in there. Nothing stunning so far, nothing that will rival NLog, or BeatMaker or Hexatone, but the start of some audio applications.

Of course it is difficult to know what’s going on without an actual device, so if you know of other stuff happening on Android (or other platforms I don’t mention often) then please let me know.

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Moogie synth video

Moogie from Lateral View on Vimeo.

I’ve played with this a little, and noted the comments from people about the sound etc. I still like it, I think the cables make me feel like I’ve got a DS-10 in my iPhone.

Moogie at the app store:

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A brief visit to the Ovi Store

I often wonder what’s going on over at platforms that I have no devices for, like Nokia and Android. It is quite hard to keep up with these platforms, so every once in a while I take a look to see if things are taking off.

So I’ve just been over to the Ovi store and taken a look at their music section. There were two pages of apps there and of those only about 3 really looked like they might be worth trying out.

It seems a shame that mobile music isn’t taking off in the same way on other platforms, or is the iPhone just a special case?

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Will Mobile Virtualisation ever be available to consumers?

I posted about this ages ago, and since then I haven’t heard or seen much about MVP from VMWare. It seems like such a good idea to me, but I wonder whether it will ever be a realitty? Or rather, will it ever be a reality that is available direct to consumers?

I guess what I don’t understand is why virtualisation on the desktop is so different from on the handheld? Surely something like MVP simply brings an additional layer of choice to the consumer in the same way as being about to choose what applications you run on your device?

I’d love to see this kind of tachnology come to handhelds, but I don’t think I’m going to hold my breath for it though.

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NLog documentation

The NLog site has had an update and now has a section on documentation which has a detailed description of how each part of the synth works.

NLog at the app store:
NLog Synthesizer

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Palm Sounds social media

Just another quick plug to say that Palm Sounds is also at Facebook, and twitter too (if you didn’t know).

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