Everyday Looper now available

Everyday Looper has now been released and is on the app store. Here are the details:

  • A “no button” user interface. Tap or swipe on displayed waveforms to play / pause / stop / record / change volume / erase.
  • Auto-normalization of each track to reach their maximum non clipped volume by the swipe of a finger.
  • Master Limiter to not worry about clipping after tracks mixing.
  • Metronome track generator to create a X clicks at Y BPMs base track.
  • Quantized to loop recording, as an option.
  • Load/Save your loops. Auto-save between sessions.
  • Export them to your computer over WiFi.
  • Up to 45 seconds of recording for each track.

Who is it for ?

  • Guitarists/Singers/Beatboxers/… : Metronome, Quantization and simplified Volume Management are here for you.
  • Sound Torturers : Try ultra short loops, feedbacked loops or manually sliced recording.

To be noted : This app is all about recording. No pre-recorded samples are included and iPod Touch users will need on external microphone.

It looks interesting, and the interface control looks like it might be fun to work with too.

Everyday Looper at the app store:
Everyday Looper

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Moogie synth for the iPhone

Thanks to Kris for tweeting this. I haven’t tried this app as yet but it looks great doesn’t it. Interestingly it is built using code from Mobile Synth which was an open source app. Mobile Synth hasn’t been updated for a few months, but wasn’t a bad little synth app, so I’m hoping that this app will be really good. Plus, it is only £0.59! So I’m off to buy it now!

Moogie at the app store:

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Troubles with BeatSequencer

I’ve been trying to get this app working on my 3G and it just doesn’t want to play. It keeps on crashing on me and I really expect better from an app that costs £8.99.

I’m hoping that the developer will do something about this as this app has a lot of promise and could be fantastic if I could get it to work, but for the moment I’m not impressed even though I would really like to be.

BeatSequencer at the app store:
BeatSequencer BoomBap by Insight

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