Will ZoozBeat change the face of Music?

According to Atlanta Hip-Hop artist Street Lotto it will! He goes on to say:

“We can create some [music] together. It lets the listener be interactive with the music. Especially at a time like this when you got bloggers that have something to say about everything gone on. … This let’s the consumer do the same with music. It allows them to remix it and do it themselves.”

The ZoozBeat blog has the whole piece.

What do you think?

ZoozBeat at the app store.
ZooZ Mobile Inc.

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  1. been using the lite version and it is real improvement over older versions – allows you to tap in beats as well as shake; and what's neat they have divided up music into styles it works really well. also nice swap function if you want a different instrument but same sequence as another instrument already laid down.

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