HHH List of Lists

Seems to be a bit of a day for lists of apps. Hand held Hollywood has gone one step further with a list of lists of apps. I’ve gone through a few of these lists of apps for film makers and there’s loads more stuff there then I had realised for film, but for the most part I think it is more aimed at professional film makers and not the likes of me.

Anyway, there’s still stuff worth tracking down, so if you’re interested the HHH post is here.

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Techdigest 101 top iPhone apps of the year

Techdigest has published a 101 top iPhone apps in the world today. I had a peak at these expecting to find none of what I consider to be the best in iPhone programming there. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

At No. 5 is Bloom described as “Amazing sound generator devised by Brian Eno and Peter Chilvers. Has to be played to be believed.“.
Opal Limited

At No. 12 is Noise IO Pro Synth, which they describe as “Incredible and fully-featured synthesizer with sound editing.”.
Amidio Inc.

At No. 18 is Star Guitar, another Amidio fav described as “Simulate different guitars simply by tapping a few buttons.“. Not sure they got the real power of this app, but nonetheless good to see it placed so high.
Amidio Inc.

At No. 19 Synthpond of which they say “Amazing sound creation tool based on orbiting shapes, great visuals as well as sound. Loads of options.“. I keep hoping that SynthPond will get some new features. I guess I should put that in the wishlist thread.
Zach Gage

At No. 52 (lower than I’d expected) is BeatMaker, described as “Awesome music creation studio featuring drum machines, sampling, audio effects and a lot more.“. And I guess we hope for even more to come.

And lastly at 94, RJDJDownload “musical worlds” from different artists. Needs to be heard to be believed.“.
Reality Jockey Ltd.

Of course I could think of loads more apps to go in there like NLog, Hexatone, Jasuto, to name a few, but then again I’m glad that they recognise the excellent work done by the developers above.

There are lots of other interesting apps in there too and a few I hadn’t heard of either. You can find the whole article here.

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Teenage Engineering: OP-1 News

I guess a lot of you have got this today:

We are right in the middle of development and besides the first information in the “Product” section of our site we have also recently posted some sound samples in the “Now” section.

All sound samples comes straight from the prototype without no additional tools or effects used or added. Even if it’s in the middle of development, we hope the demos will give you a good idea about the character of the Op-1. Some things will change during the process, but the conceptual work is all done and fixed.

Here’s a development status:

We are right now finalizing the hardware design and working on the last mechanical parts of the case and keyboard and make it ready for production. The final case will be a light grey painted one piece cnc:d aluminum body with no screws. We have worked hard to make it super thin and as light as possible. During this process we dropped the additional power connection seen on the first prototype. The USB is now used for both power/charging and to transfer data.

The 1:1 CPU board is working fine and displaying graphics on the OLED display. It looks gorgeous. We now have to fine tune the graphics library/engine to make it all look perfect. We also have to run some more benchmark test to check the platform before it goes into production.

When it comes to the software part, six individual synth engines are done. Several effects are done. We still have some polish to do on some of them to make them perfectly balanced.

We have added a new quite interesting sequencer. You will be surprised. We now have two “sequencers” working. The idea is to avoid making one over-complicated sequencer that “have everything”. So we have split them into individually simple but really fun and creative ones. More to come on this topic.

Finally, one last thing…

The first units of the Op-1 will be revealed at NAMM in Los Angeles in Jan, 2010. Hope to see you there so we can demo it to you in person.

So not too long to wait now…

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Pandora and audio …

Thanks to Chris (ceepeeuk via twitter) for this link to a discussion on using Pandora for audio applications. This is a long discussion, but it is worth reading if you are considering using Pandora as a platform for audio / music. It looks like there may be a good future for Pandora!

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Will ZoozBeat change the face of Music?

According to Atlanta Hip-Hop artist Street Lotto it will! He goes on to say:

“We can create some [music] together. It lets the listener be interactive with the music. Especially at a time like this when you got bloggers that have something to say about everything gone on. … This let’s the consumer do the same with music. It allows them to remix it and do it themselves.”

The ZoozBeat blog has the whole piece.

What do you think?

ZoozBeat at the app store.
ZooZ Mobile Inc.

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Retrothing reviews the Stylophone Beatbox

Retrothing on the Styophone Beatbox

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More DGOS news

Another update on DGOS of a fairly technical nature.

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Loads of Circuit Bending Tutorial Videos at GetLoFi

Lots and lots of tutorial videos over at GetLoFi. Take a look here.

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TB303 Cake (via Matrixsynth)

Because … well, just because (via Matrixsynth)

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All Things DS-10: More DS-10+ info

All Things DS-10 has more news on DS-10+ wifi connect, and also, .sav files.

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