What’s the worst app you ever bought?

So, you’ve bought some app (music or otherwise) and you’ve tried it out only to think, ‘why did I buy that?’.

Here’s the place to put it to rest. Comment in the worst iPhone app (music or otherwise) that you’ve bought and wish you could get your money back on.

Anonymous comments are welcome!

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  1. 8 bit tone. I paid, what, $10 for it and immediately regretted it due to the poor knob controls and poor documentation. Now it’s “on sale” for $2. I’ll never buy another Yudo app again.

  2. probably paklsound, the first app i bought.

    i find it to be pretty useless, same with other toneboard apps

  3. PaklSound is a good example. I bought that early on and haven't used it in months. It came off my iPhone very soon.

    I think that there are a bunch of those early apps that you find just don't make sense any more, but I guess that's true of most platforms.

  4. Loopy – It just crashes when I try to record something (1stgen iphone) in the end I uninstalled it.

  5. Zoozbeat and 8bitone. I've kept them on my phone so I can warn people with a demo of how poor they are. There's a couple of other apps at the back of my mind (and a couple of games too) but they weren't as bad for me in my mind…

  6. I think we all feel a bit let down by YUDO. They promised a lot and it hasn't transpired really.

    I was hoping that that RecTools08 would get some decent updates as promised, but that was months ago now.

  7. I love the way BeatMaker loses your work when you get a phone call.

    Oh yea, you have to manually save your work. So either I constantly save my work in fear of getting a phone call, or else I decline all incoming phone calls while I'm working in BeatMaker. “Artist working! Do not disturb!”

    iPhone apps are supposed to automatically save your work when you get interrupted. Beatmaker doesn't. So I guess BeatMaker isn't really an iPhone app.

    In a $1 app I would put up with nonsense like that. (Or not.) In a $20 app it's totally unacceptable.

  8. When NESynth gets a sequencer it will replace 8Bitone. I know I put 8Bitone in my top 10, but it was for the sounds, not the controls (and definitely not the documentation). I feel very lucky that I only paid $0.99 for it when it was on sale.

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