NNN Mono Synth Performance Test


NNN MONO Performance test from Kazuyuki Okamoto on Vimeo.

Well, there you have it. NNN Mono Synth really isn’t for the 3G after all. I wonder how many other apps are going to go down the route of not supporting older devices?

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  1. The answer is simple, as all this demonstration concludes is that NLog is streets ahead of NNN.

    NLog 'just works' (on my 3G)! Think Different! 🙂

  2. Well I haven't tried NNN Mono, but I have to agree that NLog is pretty hard to beat anyway.

    How are things with you? Haven't heard from you in a while.

  3. Nice of you to ask. 🙂

    I'm extremely busy with my architectural work (I'm primarily a photographer and architectural technician). I love music- all kinds, and gadgets that of course, make music! I'm particularly interested in Lunettas at the moment- little electronic music machines which can be built for pennies, but unfortunately due to both work and family demands, haven't been able to build much yet 🙁

    I think what has gone wrong with NNN, is that it looks like they have gone overboard with their interface (I remember from the demo vid, seeing patchcords?). What the developer really needed to do was to make sure that NNN worked well on all platforms, but allowed some 'extra features', like patchcords (if that's what they were?) to be unlocked, if you had the more powerfu 3GSl iPhone. But again, Sunvox has already proved that this can be done, so really it's down to code optimisation more than anything?

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