Arduino and carbon neutrality

I was reading this post on how Arduino is moving toward carbon neutrality and made me think about how handheld music is more eco friendly than laptop / desktop based computer music.

I’ve posted on this before and I think that there’s something in it. By using handheld tools for music you’re probably making just a bit of a difference to the environment. So there’s another plus for handheld musicians.

I think it’d be great if other hardware manufacturers moved to a similar footing as Arduino have done, but I guess as time goes on consumer pressure will have a hand in this.

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  1. Arduino's move IS awesome, but just a reminder… HandHeld music is eco-friendly as long as you don't leave your wall-warts/chargers plugged in 24/7, because they leach power.

  2. All this hypersensitivity about so-called climate change. Utter bunk. I shall attract a raft of ire for saying this, but I don't care.

  3. I'm with Pighood, to a degree. I like to think I care for the environment and don't see the wisdom in clearing forests etc, but I don't think our climate is being hugely influenced by man and that “climate change” is just a buzzword. The fact that a lot of data presented in the FOR case of climate change is fuzzy doesn't help either. /my 2 cents…

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