Made using 7 iPhone apps Vertigo by PalmSounds

I made this track in Beatmaker, but all the loops and sounds were made in the following apps:

iSequence – Bass and drum loops plus lead lines etc.

Noise IO Pro, Star Piano, Star Guitar and Star Melody – Synth sounds, Piano, Guitar and intro loops.
Amidio Inc.

JR Hexatone Pro – Percussion loop.
JR Hexatone? Pro

All of the loops and sounds were then used in Beatmaker to pull it all together.

It was interesting to pull it all together in Beatmaker. This track was my third attempt at doing this, the previous two didn’t really work for me. It isn’t always straightforward to make loops in lots of separate apps and bring them together, and what seemed to work this time was making a few loops and then starting to sequence them then going back to the other apps to make more loops.

In the previous attempts I’d made all the loops first then tried to bring them together and found that they just didn’t work together.

Anyway, I hope you like it and I’d appreciate any feedback.

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