Why I really like iSequence

I’ve been using iSequence over the last few days to make loops and sequences for Beatmaker. It really is a brilliant sequencer with some great sounds, and adding it to the other apps you can use to make sounds for beatmaker gives you a real choice.

I’ve found iSequence excellent at making drum and bass loops that are perfect for putting into beatmaker and adding to stuff from Noise IO, and the star set of Amidio apps.

As more and more apps include ioLibrary things are going to get interesting and flexible for musicians which can only be a good thing. But what I want to know is when will we get an app to rival beatmaker as a sample workstation for pulling it all together?

iSequence on the app store:

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  1. I think I'll give it another try… Haven't checked the latest update yet.

    I only wish we could organise the ioLibrary with folders… With all these apps supporting it, it's becoming a huge mess of files!

  2. I wish isequence and some other audio apps would add track panning. I also wish that beatmaker would include more pads and a audiotrack recorder to record vocals or guitar….Just wishing.

  3. Savio, I agree, I was wondering about asking amidio to make a file manager app to help with this, but maybe I'll wait until their Touch DJ app is out first

    AL, I know what you mean, I have lots of wishes too. Maybe we should have a wishing thread on the forum?

  4. Know if it's me being particularly dense today (I've been doing stupid things all day) or a bug but for the life of me I can't have more than one kit per pattern which is plainly wrong. Is there a trick to it…?

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