Sunvox 1.4.5

The latest version of Sunvox is now available for all platforms with the exception of the iPhone. Here’s what’s new:

New in this version:

  • new module: Vibrato;
  • added sinusoidal waveform to the “generator”;
  • added new effects 11 and 12 – fineslide up/down;
  • added new effect 20 – set the probability (0…8000) of a note being triggered; this effect is for unpredictable rhythms;
  • added new effect 21 – same as 20 but with random velocity;
  • added new example track: endless_song (based on new effect 20);
  • new functions in the “sampler”: resample; volume fade; waveform drawing (paint mode);
  • improved “transpose” function in the pattern editor;
  • pattern follow mode (only for single pattern playing);
  • sound engine optimization.

Another great set of new features for Sunvox users.

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  1. I would still really like to see a wav/aiff preview option in the file browser. I have hundreds of files and if I can't hear them before I take the time to load, then it does no good and wastes a lot of time. This has been my only request for this excellent app. Hopefully nightradio will implement this soon…

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