Why I really like iSequence

I’ve been using iSequence over the last few days to make loops and sequences for Beatmaker. It really is a brilliant sequencer with some great sounds, and adding it to the other apps you can use to make sounds for beatmaker gives you a real choice.

I’ve found iSequence excellent at making drum and bass loops that are perfect for putting into beatmaker and adding to stuff from Noise IO, and the star set of Amidio apps.

As more and more apps include ioLibrary things are going to get interesting and flexible for musicians which can only be a good thing. But what I want to know is when will we get an app to rival beatmaker as a sample workstation for pulling it all together?

iSequence on the app store:

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NNN Mono Synth

I got this email from the developer of NNN Mono.

NNN MONO has three Oscillators and each oscillator has two channels for the panning modulation.
And interface is drawn by the program. (No pictures)

Maybe it is too heavy work for iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G.

In a few days, I will make a video of the performance test(iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G & iPod Touch 2G.). And it will upload.

I guess we’ll wait and see how it goes on the 3G.

NNN Mono at the app store:

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New app coming from InstantBinary

I really like the sound of this new app from InstantBinary, makers of InstantBeat. I’ve added this to my list of apps I’m looking forward to.

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All Things DS-10 continues reviewing the DS-10+

Part 2 of the review from All Things DS-10.

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Audio Samples added to Jasuto review

This was already a great review of Jasuto now there are some audio samples too.

Jasuto at the app store:
Jasuto modular synthesizer

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Sunvox 1.4.5

The latest version of Sunvox is now available for all platforms with the exception of the iPhone. Here’s what’s new:

New in this version:

  • new module: Vibrato;
  • added sinusoidal waveform to the “generator”;
  • added new effects 11 and 12 – fineslide up/down;
  • added new effect 20 – set the probability (0…8000) of a note being triggered; this effect is for unpredictable rhythms;
  • added new effect 21 – same as 20 but with random velocity;
  • added new example track: endless_song (based on new effect 20);
  • new functions in the “sampler”: resample; volume fade; waveform drawing (paint mode);
  • improved “transpose” function in the pattern editor;
  • pattern follow mode (only for single pattern playing);
  • sound engine optimization.

Another great set of new features for Sunvox users.

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