NNN Mono Synth, 3GS Only!

I guess it had to happen. Someone was going to bring out a music app that was 3GS only, but I can’t see why this app needs all the power of a 3GS device? This is a mono synth with a slightly interesting interface, but why it needs a 3GS when NLog packs polyphony into a 3G I don’t get.

Maybe I should get in touch with the developer and find out?

NNN Mono at the app store:

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  1. Maybe they just haven't tested it or do not want to commit to providing backwards compatibility.

    In another thread, I have written about using a Macally iVoice iii mic with my first gen iPod touch with software that “reguires” gen 2 or later. Well, it stopped working with one of the 3. updates. So, clearly there is something different enough between the models that developers might be forced to decide not to support older ones.


  2. Looks interesting. Looks like they might use compass as an optional controller input. Not sure why this would require 3GS tho but I'd buy it if it ran on my 3G.



  3. A couple of issues.

    First, the fact that app A runs fine on the iPhone EDGE/3G has absolutely nothing to do with the performance app B is getting

    Second, it may be that they wanted or needed to ship and the cost of doing optimizations for the older devices was looking prohibitive on terms of time and money.

    Third, it may run on the slowerr devices, but performance may have not been up to their standards. So rather than disapointing people who buy it expecting better performance, they don't recommend using the app with the older devices.

    Fourth, the CPU in the 3GS and the new 3rd gen iPod touch has a new architecture, instruction set, and a new NEON matrix math unit. While the CPU is backwards compatible, it is entirely possible to optimize code specifically for the new CPU features (especially in a synth).


  4. The bottom line is that the iPhone platform has become fractured especially with respect to CPU, dynamic memory, and GPU performance. It's like comparing a MacBook with a 1.5 GHz CPU and 1 GB of RAM with a new MacBook with a 2.4 GHz CPU and 2 GB of RAM and a new GPU.

    Many music applications will use as much processing power as they can. They are often gated by CPU performance.

    It is inevitable that some music apps will push these limits.


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